Toronto Rhinoplasty – How The Process Generally Goes

Out of all the Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon and clinics available, one of the best would be Dr. Oakley Smith. We highly recommend that you check all his credentials and reviews, the majority of which can help tip the scales in his favour. When you decide to try them out, visit their clinic for consultation and such.

Dr. Oakley Smith Rhinoplasty

Located at 2349 Queen Street East, the clinic is more comfortable than you’d initially expect; some say it feels like walking in your friend’s home, it’s surprisingly welcoming. Potential customers seeking consultation must first accomplish a couple of paperwork before the consultation with Dr. Oakley Smith can begin; don’t worry paperwork doesn’t take that long. Consultations usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, as a client in line it may seem like eternity. On the other hand, you’ll greatly appreciate this during your consultation because the doctor doesn’t rush through consultations; everyone has their own needs, depending on the case.

After the entire examination, Dr. Smith will grab a pen and paper and illustrate the appearance that you’re aiming for; it’s just one of the perks of being a doctor as well as an artist. All possible outcomes will be discussed with you. Remember to inform him of any and all past injuries and allergies that you have; not only do these factors play a part in the outcome, but skin thickness and bone structure as well. Dr. Smith is known to create amazing results and ‘not going too far.’

Those that desire an outcome that may not fit their facial structure will be cautioned by Dr. Smith. You might be surprised at the number of people seeking his help in fixing past surgeon errors, so trust in his decisions because he is an expert in the field.