Necessary Do’s And Don’ts Of Hiring An Seo Agency

It is now very easy to hire an SEO company to design a suitable digital marketing strategy, even though not everyone has the knowledge of the sorts of tactics used to make this possible but most business owners are very keen on getting their businesses on the map and making money. When hunting for the right SEO company to develop your business there are a few rules in form of do’s and don’ts that would really be useful.

The Don’ts

The general idea behind hiring an SEO company is to generate leads in form of traffic which in turn would boost sale. This is the primary goal and SEO is the bedrock of a good online presence. In order to find your site at the first page of Google search this takes a very disciplined and tactical approach. A few of the approaches taken by some SEO companies are questionable so it would be great to know what these poor approaches are as this would help you decide if a particular company has the best strategies or not.

  1. Fast results – SEO isn’t magic, it needs to be structured, monitored and with time it yields positive results. Some companies tend to use short cuts in order to get quick result but these short cuts are sure to get you penalized by Google for going against marketing policy. This would be bad for business. So watch out for promises of a spontaneous result.
  2. Long commitment – some SEO companies are more interested in getting you committed into a contract that would be stretched over a period of time than to actually solve your problem as this would keep the dollar bills coming in for them. This is a red flag. Once you detect propositions of a long term contract, that’s when you cut ties.
  3. Experience – this is my personal opinion and I think most people would agree as well. Most companies are new in the business, new in the SEO market and so has not had much experience or history working for people. You wouldn’t want your business to be a test run for a start-up company. Ensure that the company has had prior experience with proof.
  4. Purchasing back links – yes, back links are very helpful, they reference your site on their page and that helps to direct traffic your way but here are two problems about back links; firstly buying back links are against Google policies and can get you penalized, secondly, if these back links are random sites with low traffic then you are not getting value either because they make no difference.

The Do’s

Here are the ways to confirm the efficiency of an SEO company before hiring them;

  1. A promising SEO company would be one that can successfully and efficiently integrate these strategies without default; a great on-site and off-site SEO plan and create a mobile friendly site that allows users access to information anywhere on their mobile devices.
  2. Content development is king when it comes to SEO. For your website to rank high, content on your website has to be carefully structured to portray the same message from your URL to your web page contents. There has to be specific customer designed SEO words that targets your audience. Key words should be used in titles and headers, in images, and web page content but not over used to a point when it becomes “stuffed” as this has its penalty as well.
  3. A great SEO company should be able to monitor your traffic often and effectively to know how much progress is being achieved.
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