Ways To Permanently Delete Files

In these days, how to permanently delete files becomes the burning question. Basically, it depends on the type of device which you are using. There are several ways to delete files but when we talk about the permanently delete then list become shorter. Some users think that they delete files permanently by using the simple option but actually, it is temporary. If you have some files or other data which you want to remove permanently then you have to go through from some steps. If we talk about the android users then the process of deleting files is too easy and contains few steps which are described in the further article.

Steps to remove files permanently

Install secure delete app from Google play store and after the installation, you can get this app along with other applications in the device. When you open this, you will see a drop-down menu on the screen and you just need to click this menu and choose an option to search files or photos. After this, you will be provided a list of folders and select the desired files which you want to remove. Sometimes users get confused in the way to select files. In order to select specific files, a user will see boxes to the right side of the each and every file and he/she just need to simply click. When you have been selected those files which you want to remove then you reach at the edge of this process. Now the only thing you just need to do is click on “secure delete” button and type “yes” and click “ok” to confirm the removal of files.

Moving further; people who have a smartphone with android software and want to delete files permanently then he/she just need to follow these steps properly.

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