Comfortable Heel Protectors By Personal Safety Corporation

Going through a medical process or condition that requires you to wear a heel protector is not the most fun experience in the world. You’re already uncomfortable and by unknowingly purchasing low quality and ill-fitting heel protectors you’ll just increase your discomfort. Before making a purchase, read up on numerous websites that offer their insights on the products that you’re looking to purchase. As for your heel protector, is the review website that knows a thing or two about heel and hip protectors. Aside from the website, you can also look up other reviews posted by customers based on their personal experiences.

Secure Comfort Foot Heel Protector

Sold as a pair from Amazon, the Secure Comfort Foot Heel Protector is available at $18.47 a pair. Once securely placed on the ankle and heel, it protects the areas from friction burns and all kinds of skin irritation as well as act as a preventive measure for decubitus ulcers. To provide the best possible comfort, the Secure Comfort Foot Heel Protector does not have stitched seams on the side of the heel. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Secure Comfort Foot Heel Protector’s heel side is entirely padded to offer maximum comfort for the user. The pillow itself is made of polyester fibre that’s covered with breathable fabric, moisture wicking and a strap and hook that’s completely adjustable.

Secure Comfort Foot Heel Protector is machine washable and can accommodate almost all sizes. The company that designed and manufactured the heel protectors has been trusted by numerous professional care facilities since its establishment. The heel protectors was never designed to prevent foot drop, its main purpose is to support the heel especially in cases where the user is bedridden. Just to be clear, the heel protector was never intended for walking activities.