Why is watching movies popular?

One of the most common go-tos for rest and recreation would most definitely have to be the movies. It is, in fact, so popular, that movies itself is a billion-dollar industry, and continues to be such to date. While some people are fine with shelling out a few bucks to go to the movies, or purchase a physical of digital copy of a film, some people are content with finding ways on how to watch english movies online free. There are several websites and good, kind-hearted people which allow this to happen. With that said, what really is with movies that make them popular?

They Serve as Escape from Reality

If your reality is one which is full of boredom, sadness, and bitterness, then one of the ways to help  yourself get away from it would be to get yourself in a happy world, a world where it would be other matters that would concern you, rather than the sames ones you have at hand. Movies give you this opportunity to view things in an omniscient manner, allowing for a temporary escape from reality.

They Allow Viewers to Relate

If you’re the kind of person who loves to look for some company, or at least, someone whom he or she could relate with, books and movies are a better company at times as they are non-judgmental, and also help you to feel that you are not alone.

It’s a Visual Feast

If you wish to treat your eyes to a visual spectacle, whenever you want to, then movies are, without a doubt, a no-brainer! A lot of cartoons, visual fantasy and sci-fi movies help to cater to people who wish to watch movies for the visual effects. The play of lights and its syncing with the right sounds are all awe-inducing for most of the time.