Things To Look For When Purchasing A Trail Camera

It could be overwhelming to purchase the best trail camera with a lot of options available in the market. From pages of outdoor brochures, archery shops, and big box stores, there are various trail cameras and all of them are saying they are “the best”. The cost also ranges from $40 up to $490. So, here comes the greatest question, “what’s the difference?” Yes, all of them capture images. However, what does a $500 camera have that a $50 camera doesn’t have?


As a rule of thumb, the bigger the number of megapixels (MP), the better your pictures would be. But, do not let MP be the decisive factor when buying trail cameras. To be honest, there is not much obvious difference between an 8 or more MP and 3 or 4 MP camera, unless you are going to print that photo on a tarpaulin or place it on a huge billboard.

Battery Life

This one is a huge factor. Placing the trail camera in a location where there’s a lot of activity going on would make the camera capture a lot of photos. This would drastically drain its battery. Several cameras would take only 3 up to 4 thousand images per battery while others would take 10,000 photos per battery. The battery size is also another feature that you should consider. Keep in mind that it would always be better to use a camera that uses 4 AA batteries than a camera that uses 4 D batteries.

Picture Settings

For serious camera lovers, a photo setting is one of the most significant features. Several trail cams capture images only when activated by movement. There are also several cameras that would take 1 photo per 2 seconds. Make sure the settings in the camera have this features.