More About The Author Feature On A Site

If you are planning to have a website, you should not forget to put the More about the Author section on it. Although it is just a simple and small part of the site, it can actually give you huge advantages aside from informing your readers and viewers about yourself. This makes it an important part to remember, especially when you want to avail website building services from experts.

What Advantages Can you have from the “More about the Author” Feature?

You can often notice the “About the Author” section on every websites. It is a small section located at the bottom of a post, and it shows some info about the author of the article. However, it does not simply shows info and minor details. It can actually bring tremendous benefits to you, especially if you are the author of the article, or the owner of the website.

If you are the author of the article, the More about the Author feature can help you to tell about yourself in a brief and concise manner. If you will put the right info on it, it can increase your reliability as the author, especially if your details complements the content of your post. Additionally, if you will put your contact details in it, readers can directly connect with you for further inquiries.

On the other hand, it can also benefit you as the owner of the website. If the author is your staff or employee, he can talk about your brand to people who will connect with him regarding the post. This way, you can have an alternative way of advertising your brand, especially if you are in good terms with the author.

Therefore, you should always put a More about the Author section on your website and posts. You can ask your website building service provider about it, for their team to let you have what you need.