School Gate Guardian – The Top School Visitor Management System

As a top quality school visitor management system, School Gate Guardian aims to help keep students and schools safe from unwanted visitors like sex offenders with the aid of the latest security and system; you can never be too cautious. Sadly, majority of schools heavily rely on outdated signing, recording and tracking of visitors, even to this day. Too many unwanted visitors get easy access inside the school and with children.

Features of School Gate Guardian

  • Quick Logging and Tracking of School Visitors – the program they use scans and processes the state ID in what seems like no time at all. The software record the time and date of all visits by every visitor alongside who they visited or their main destination in the campus. In case the ID does not match the person presenting it, then the system immediately captures a photo and logs them out.
  • Sex Offender Checks – School Gate Guardian will be able to compare a visitor’s identity with the national database of registered sex offenders and it will only take mere seconds. If there was a positive match, then the program itself will display all the details regarding the sex offender; details include crimes committed, mug shot, eye color, height, weight and any marking on the body.

School Emergency Alerts – though rare, events where emergencies similar to an angry parent with restraining orders or sec offenders attempt to enter the school or one of its buildings, the staff assigned to the front office will be able to send discreet and instant alerts by clicking the ‘send alert’ option. What this does is launch an email and text message to key personnel in the district. In the message, they’ll find the location of the emergency as well as the chosen reason code.

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