Weirdly Interesting Facts On The Olympic Games

Not all of you may be certified fans of the Olympic Games and their players, but you can’t help but admire them and remember just how much they sacrificed to be able to qualify; an entirely different field compared to qq online. Once the Olympic Games start, everyone jumps aboard the bandwagon and just enjoy what the events have to offer. Because the actual game is a bit far off, we recommend settling for some interesting Olympic Game facts.

3 Interesting Olympic Facts

  • On record, the longest wrestling match ever played lasted an outstanding 11 hours. It happened in 1912 between Alfred Asikainen who hailed from Finland and Martin Klein from Russia; it was specifically a Greco-Roman semifinal wrestling event. In the end, Klein rose on top but unfortunately he was unable to fight in the finals due to the exhaustion from the 11 hour semifinal match.
  • The first ever American to bag a first-place rank, because gold medals weren’t a thing back then so he can’t be called a gold medalist, had to sacrifice his college degree at Harvard by dropping out in order to compete. The American was named James Connolly, he tried his best to get an approval of leave from Harvard so he could try his luck at the 1896 Olympic Games but Harvard denied the request. He chose the Olympic Games by dropping out of his course during the competition and ranked first in the triple jump. Later on, Harvard offered an honorary degree but it was Connolly who declined this time.

  • Margaret Abott is the first American female golfer to win a gold medal and she did so by pure accident. Abbot was just out and about enjoying Paris when she thought there was a typically golfing tournament in the area, she competed and won only to find out later on that she was the first American female to win a gold medal.