Setting Up Your Sewing Room

After you’ve purchased the basic sewing equipment and a sewing machine, the next big step is setting up a sewing room; you can read all about the complete details here Majority of you may think that this isn’t a necessity, but a well-lit sewing with proper ventilation can be the difference between a smooth sewing process and intense headaches after some time.

  1. Pick the Ideal Room

A typical home, you can choose from 2 to 3 rooms where you can set up everything for sewing. If you’re limited to a single room, then just go with that. Some rooms are better than others for sewing, make your choice but here are what you have to avoid:

  • Poor lighting – sewing is all about control and precision, if the lighting is poor then you can’t really do any sewing without straining your eyes.
  • Noise – being distracted takes a toll on the precision and control of sewing. Spend some time in each room and see if it’s free from noise that comes from a busy road, the kitchen or the neighbors.
  • Size of the room – the bigger a room is, the better. At first, a small room is adequate but as you become more advance, there will be more equipment needed.
  1. Clean the Room

You’ll want a clean area where you can do all your sewing and freely setup all the equipment. Any clutter or disorganization won’t do any good for crafts. So take time to clean the room and declutter as much as possible.

  1. Setup the Workstation

Now that the room is chosen and everything is cleared out, it’s time to setup the workstation. Because the chair and the desk make up the centerpiece, then it’s only practical to begin with these. If you don’t have a workstation or desk lying around, we recommend looking at Amazon, have numerous brands and models available.

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