Video Caption Corporation For Closed Captioning Services

One of the most reliable companies for Closed Captioning Services that you can rely on nowadays is Video Caption Corporation. This full-serviceĀ CaptionLabs Closed Captions company gives its clients the best of both worlds, with their affordable, competitive prices and their closed captioning services that are of superior quality. They are able to provide for English, Spanish, and French captioning, regardless of the video that you would want to be translated. They services are also evaluated by the DCMP, or the Described and Captioned Media Program, which can help to assure you that you get nothing but the best in terms of caption quality. Here are some other things you ought to know about Video Caption Corporation.

Our Captioning Work Goes Through a Stringent Process

It is both dedication and Skill that their professional caption editors are equipped with, as well as their technicians making use of the latest in technology. All of the steps in captioning are done in-house, and everyone involved in the work knows what they are doing. They put into consideration all unfamiliar terms, subject matter complexity, and all that there is to be considered when captioning.

Turnaround Rates are Fast

A lot of people usually work on a single piece at any given time, making us one of the fastest, offering the highest quality of turnarounds in the whole industry. We are even capable of offering same-day turnarounds, and we can understand and fully cater if you are in need of captioning services to be done right and fast.

Reasonable Captioning Rates

Our rates are one of the most competitive, and you get what you pay for. The pricing is not fixed, and depends on a variety of factors, such as the length, native language, caption style of choice, your turnaround, and how big your project is. Rest assured, we offer the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.