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We are currently looking for writers, contributors, bloggers, and storytellers to join our team of enthusiastic social media experts and prominent bloggers.

We wanted you to showcase your talent in writing and creating stories by contributing to us your pieces of masterpieces.

We want you to join our campaign in providing free access to information to everyone. Plus, we want to help you build your name.

What will I write about?

ANYTHING! Yes, you read it right. Green Peace Black Pixel provides content about anything under the sun. So, you can write about any topics you like. Just make sure that they are relevant in the present and they can help other people in some aspects of their life.

Basically, our topics include apps, software, gaming, gadgets, computer, technology, marketing and social media. We also discuss automobile, sports, recreation, business, finance, insurance, health, fitness, food and drink, shopping, product reviews, and much more.

How long are the articles?

Any length will do. We do not want to restrict you in expressing your ideas and thoughts. You can write short or long articles as long as they make sense, are relevant to today, follow community standards and are interesting to our readers.

What are your guidelines in writing?

We suggest that you use the “YOU” perspective, just like how we have written this page. You should also follow correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Write in blog style – with one heading, sub headings, and body. Your headlines should be 8 to 14 words long only. Also, get some SEO keywords so that your articles will do well in the search results.

Send your article contributions through our contact form. The moment we receive your articles, the team will review it. We will notify you immediately once your content makes it.

We are looking forward to reading some of your masterpieces.

Thank you!