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Enphase: Energy Storage Now Compatible with the Existing M-Series

Extended compatibility allows approximately 300,000 additional Enphase system owners to achieve off-grid energy flexibility through the Enphase Upgrade Program.

“The Enphase Upgrade Program provided homeowners with a way to upgrade or replace legacy Enphase solar systems and was a work, revenue and job for solar installers during the COVID-19 outbreak,” says Dave Ranhoff, Enphase Energy CCO. . “We invite many Enphase M-Series system owners to the family of homeowners who can now make a simple upgrade to true energy independence with Encharge storage systems.”

The Enphase Upgrade Program provides solar installers with the opportunity to renew their relationship with the installed base of Enphase system owners through micro-inverter, solar and energy storage upgrades. The company says the program is aimed at Enphase micro-inverter owners and represents the company’s commitment to reliability, service and long-term customer relationships.

Enphase says it continues to stand behind its limited warranties for existing products in the field, leveraging insights into products deployed in the field through advanced remote analytics. The compatibility of Enphase storage systems with M215 and M250 micro-inverter-based solar systems as well as IQ 6 and IQ 7 micro-inverter-based solar systems now allows installers in the USA to approach and offer storage upgrades to most Enphase homeowners across the country. .

Program details are available in the Enphase installer and host webinars and here on the Enphase Upgrade Program website.


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