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MI and WI Voters Set Last Two Elections, May Be Wisely To Understand New Government and Congressional Spending Priorities

Michigan and Wisconsin together a part of epicenter of political power Usa. In fact, these two states form the core of a region.mid west “-playing in a perennial dimensionD role in TO US elections. Three out of four who will hold the post of President of the House of Representatives in the first two decades of 21st hailed from a state with the century Fantastic Lakes coastline. There are two in Michigan and Wisconsin recently Twenty-six electoral votes in 2016 changed the direction of the presidential election by giving President Trump and then Biden elected President in 2020. Joe Biden may not have won presidential, without basic electoral votes.
City councilors, members of Congress and Presidents won or lost elections in the vibrant regions of these states, with their behavior at small, local events, and partner Recurrence during elections in both states is razor-thin election margins.

These selection patterns show that: any population group, Midwestern beliefs not monolithic. Them reflects different local environments and personal histories that go on together a political microcosm nation. Despite these voding trends and spectrums of political choice, residents in both states show relative unity around Government spending priorities. Wchicken UCS, Michigan and Wisconsin residents surveyed understand they priorities for government spending and spending $ 1.5 trillion in nuclear weapons in the next 30 years must be National priority in this momentThe answer was clear and shared by most: no.


Time taxpayers financially repaid Sformal Sconfidence, Medicareand transportation projects with federal taxes, a a significant portion of the total pay tax dollarss for National Defense. Congress will allocate $ 740 billion this year for military spendingWhat. Actually, Michigan and Wisconsin taxpayers shouldered a tax responsibility more $ 3 billion in fiscal year 2020 To support 65 billion dollars United States spends annual nuclear weapons related systems.

Nuclear weapons and related technologies are extremely expensive, still some do not have a clear strategic role. Land missiles that could cost about $ 100 billion, it is no longer necessary. In our survey, Michiganders and the Wisisians voiced different spending priorities tax dollar, love cleaning up sources of polluted drinking water, expanding access to healthcare, and repair infrastructure– saw these as more critical programs to be financed. Over-sourcing nuclear weapon technologiesProviding more resources for residents’ priorities is-dir one injustice with unfair consequences.

Rebuilding nuclear arsenal of the country is-dir a 1.5 trillion dollars project most voters to opposeD, find counter arguments rebuilding nuclear arsenal More convinceg more than just arguments to support it. WOMAN and BIPOC (Black, Native, [and] People of Color) identifying voters, Voters with rising political power across the country, likely opposed rebuilding nuclear arsenal.

Why is the Midwest important?

Right now no Neither the national anti-nuclear voters nor the growing calls to Congress and the incoming Biden administration to rethink their insatiable appetite for spending hundreds of billions of dollars on pentagonal and redundant nuclear weapons programs. One important Part of the problem is that Congressmen on both sides of the corridor as if function the political risks of defending more butter and lessso weapons far outweigh the potential political benefits.

Our survey sthe ugly otherwise and offers analysis into How do advocates of change and progress at Congress It helps shape a new national debate on what constitutes security in both our societies and our world. Our survey, voters mmost of the time See safety through the lens of their own lived experience as COVID threat, inadequate health care, dangerous roads or bridges, or racial violence.

And our survey shows these strong choices for reallocation of the federal government. spending priorities are not kept exclusively by “coastal elites” or peace activists.

Nuclear weapons spending is not the only reform on the table. Michigan residents overwhelming support for nuclear weapons policy reforms, among those from other states previous UCS poll. One of these reforms is No First Use policy which Biden elected president backs the record.

As the 2020 election season ends, the Midwest’s large soapbox is once again ready for grabs. Therefore, these states will remain in the national spotlight and in mind for politicians of all lines. Major political parties have a working hour until the next election day to improve their elections. Outreach as demographics vary across the country. Such changes are predominantly represented by Michigan and Wisconsin, and political power continues to move towards women, Blacks, and other BIPOC residents.

Public ones office should listen at all levels Midwestern about nuclear weapons or risk TO US even more behind the world. An important treaty banning nuclear weapons It will become international law in 2021, just two days after Biden’s elected president takes office. A lot must be done quicklyFor the United States to keep up with the international community, Midwest component prioritiesand avoid a new arms race.

Featured image on this blog is courtesy of Tony Mucci on Unsplash.

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